The Problem: I am running into issues trying to use the author list created by authblk and stored in \@author outside of the \maketitle command, and cannot figure out what is happening -- detail below.

Is there a robust way to utilize that variable outside that command? Or do you have a better suggestion for creating an easy-to-use environment with arbitrarily many authors/affiliations?

Background: I'm building an extension to the article class to enable users with very limited LaTeX knowledge to typeset documents in a specific layout we publish in.

Each document may have several authors/affiliations, and I would like them to be able to just write \author, \affil (or whatever commands) as many times as necessary in the desired order, to fill in a pre-set layout. authblk seemed like the easiest solution for simple author/institution blocks at first, but upon dissecting the .sty file I'm starting to have doubts.

More detail: Here's a minimal document trying to use \@author, that files to compile, with a lot of errors that seem to be related to a tabular environment (I'm not sure where that comes in; couldn't find it in authblk.sty).



\author{Author Name}
\affil{Some Organization}
\author{Second Author}
\affil{Second organization}


This is the body.


Note that one author/affiliation pair works fine; with more than one there is trouble.

Thanks in advance for any pointers or suggestions!

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