enter image description hereI am using the Metropolis Beamer Template https://it.overleaf.com/latex/templates/metropolis-beamer-theme/qzyvdhrntfmr.

How can I put some other words, like supervisor and co-supervisor, in the right side of the title page?

I tried editing the beamerinnerthememetropolis.sty file, but I am not completely understanding how that code works.


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You'll have to adjust vertical space, font size, etc., but you can start from this:


\setbeamertemplate{title page}{
    \ifx\inserttitlegraphic\@empty\else\usebeamertemplate*{title graphic}\fi
    \usebeamertemplate*{title separator}
    {\tiny Super Visor: Super Visor's name%
    {\tiny Co supervisor: Co supervisor's name%

\subtitle{A modern beamer theme}
\author{Matthias Vogelgesang}
\institute{Center for modern beamer themes}


enter image description here

  • I would like to move those elements a little bit on the right: why this code doesn't align them properly? \begin{minipage}[t]{.5\textwidth} \vspace*{2em} {\hfil\small Super Visor:% \par} {\hfil\small Co supervisor: % \par} \end{minipage} \vfill \vspace*{1mm} \end{minipage}
    – ScTALE
    Mar 6, 2019 at 9:11
  • @ScTALE to move them to the right, change minipages width to your taste. About vertical alignment, I don't know how to do it better. You'll have to play with vertical distances to adjust. Unless you wait for a better answer.
    – Ignasi
    Mar 6, 2019 at 9:27

If I understand your question correctly, the answer in my comment can help us. Changing \includegraphics with minipage environment in that answer, following code is extracted.



\setbeamerfont{page number in head/foot}{size=\normalsize,series=\normalfont\bfseries}

\setbeamercolor{footline}{fg=black!2, bg=mDarkTeal}
\setbeamertemplate{frame footer}{My footline}

\setlength{\metropolis@frametitle@padding}{0.7ex}% <- default 2.2 ex

    \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=\textwidth, sep=0.7ex]{footline}% <- default 3ex
        \usebeamerfont{page number in head/foot}%
        \usebeamertemplate*{frame footer}
        \usebeamertemplate*{frame numbering}

 \small Prof.Dr. Nikola Tesla
  \small Prof.Dr. John Doe




\begin{frame}{My frame title}
 \begin{block}{Some itemize}
   \item \alert{Item 1}
   \item Item 2
 \begin{block}{Some maths}


enter image description here

  • I edited the question and I added an image to explain better what I would like to have
    – ScTALE
    Mar 6, 2019 at 7:19

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