Is there a way to control the url breaking with biblatex? I am using ACS Guide and it says:

Note: Different web browsers break the text in different places of a URL. In a printed work, if the URL needs to be broken at the end of a line, the break should be made after a colon or a double slash; before a single slash, a tilde, a period, a comma, a hyphen, an underline, a question mark, a number sign, or a percent symbol; or before or after an equals sign or an ampersand.

I am also using the url package to typeset the url with the same font as my text. I read the package documentation and I am a bit confused by the macros \UrlBreaks and \UrlBigBreaks, butfrom what I gather these can only be used to allow a break after the listed characters, but not before as some of the requirements of the style guide (and I personally would not like breakings before a period for sure!). Is there a way to do this?

  • Maybe take a look at the xurl package. – Bernard Mar 5 '19 at 23:58
  • @Bernard I just read the documentation and unless it's the wrong file, it just says that it is a package that tells the url package to allow a break. I am far from an expert but the style file defines the \UrlBreaks for all the characters, which means it defines breaks after the character, not before. – ralk912 Mar 6 '19 at 0:03
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    The command you are after is \UrlSpecials. You can control breaks before characters with this. I find it's usage a bit complicated though… – David Purton Mar 6 '19 at 4:53

I think this should do what you want. It defines a new style \urlstyle{acs} which redefines \UrlBreaks and \UrlSpecials according to your rules.

There's one minor issue. It will prefer to break between : and // rather than between the //, but if you have // somewhere else, there is potential to break between. I tried to fix this, but couldn't make it work. I don't think this will occur in a real example though.



    \do\ {\Url@space}\do\^^M{\Url@space}%



\hsize 5cm

\section*{Default Style}


\section*{ACS Style}





  • This definitely works in text. Any clue how to get bibtex to recognize these, though? – ralk912 Mar 6 '19 at 17:01
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    @ralk912 just put the code and the call to \urlstyle into your preamble after you load biblatex and it should just work. – David Purton Mar 6 '19 at 20:56
  • Ah! Ended up finding that for some reason I had to use the style after \begin{document} (I was using it in the preamble as \urlstyle{same} and it did its job just fine). I just added the line \def\UrlFont{} to your code to get the desired font. Thanks! – ralk912 Mar 7 '19 at 17:46
  • @DavidPurton Nice solution....It suits my requirement too....Thanks a lot.... – MadyYuvi Apr 26 '20 at 9:39

You'll need three different packages, so include this in your code:


Now, you'll just need to add \def\UrlBreaks{\do\/\do-} if you want to be able to break it after a / or a -.

For example, if the entry was this:

author = "Clark, Sarah",
howpublished = "nfcworld.com",
month = aug,
note = "Cited July 3rd 2012",
title = "{Gartner’s Hype Cycle places NFC at ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’}",
url = "http://www.nfcworld.com/2011/08/11/39008/gartner-hype-cycle-places-nfc-at-peak-of-inflated-expectations",
year = "2011"

It will look like this:

For other options, look into the url package documentation.

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    Maybe my question is not clear enough. I get how to indicate breaks after a character, but the style guide also indicates allowed breaks before a character, which unless I'm missing something, this won't do. – ralk912 Mar 6 '19 at 0:06

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