About 1/10 of one of my plots gets cut off on both sides, no matter how xmin and xmax are set. How can this be prevented?



        \begin{tikzpicture} \pgfplotsset{scale only axis}
        axis y line*=left,
        width=13cm,height=7cm,tick align=center]

        \begin{axis}[axis y line*=right,
        axis x line=none,width=13cm,height=7cm]

            (0.0001, 1)

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    You have to give, xmin, xmax, ymin and ymax to the second axis environment too. But I am not sure what you really want to do. – koleygr Mar 6 at 16:22
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    If you replace \pgfplotsset{scale only axis} by \pgfplotsset{scale only axis,xmin=0,xmax=1} then these values will apply to all plots in this tikzpicture. – user121799 Mar 6 at 16:26
  • Both approaches managed to solve my problem. Thanks. – cheesus Mar 7 at 8:50

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