I get the following error when I try to build my document:

Overfull \hbox (30.0pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 32--32 []

line 34 is


The other questions about overfull error say it's because the line is too long, but how can the begin line be too long?

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    Please edt your question so that it includes a complete document that reproduces the problem. Without that, it's probably going to be difficult for anyone to help you. – Ian Thompson Mar 6 at 19:44
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    The suggestion to add a compilable example is important, but I'm guessing that something in your preamble or a loaded package specifies AtBeginDocument, and that's where the error is coming from. – barbara beeton Mar 6 at 20:55
  • the log file shows which file the bad line 34 is in and it also (usually) gives an indication of the text that is over full, but as you have neither shown the input nor the log, it is hard to help. – David Carlisle Mar 6 at 20:57
  • Sorry I messed up and copied the line instead of the error. – mimc Mar 6 at 21:59
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    If you really have an overfull box from the text at line 34 you can delete everything after that and produce a document you can post. However as it is a round figure like 30pt it will not be text you afre presumably adding an image or minipage that is exactly 30pt wider than the space where it is being added. Is the \parindent set to 30pt? – David Carlisle Mar 6 at 23:31

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