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I am making a presentation in LaTeX using \mode<presentation>, which gives me a slide-show format, which is exactly what I want to get. Unfortunately, using slides means that in my bibliography I can fit only 4 references per slide. When I use \printbibliography with tens of references I cannot fit them all on one slide.

Hence I was wondering- is there a way of printing references 1-4 on the first slide, then references 5-8 on the second etc.?

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    If you are using beamer [allowframebreaks] might be what you are looking for. Then beamer can simply distribute the contents on a frame that would run off-frame onto the next frames. If that does not help, please tell us more about your document setup (are you using beamer? are you using biblatex? how do you include the bibliography?). This is best done in a so-called MWE (tex.meta.stackexchange.com/q/228/35864), a short example file that starts with \documentclass, has the relevant bits of the preamble and a dummy \begin{document}...\end{document} environment. – moewe Mar 7 at 10:25
  • Thanks, I am using beamer and [allowframebreakes] did the job exactly the way I wanted, cheers! – MagicM Mar 7 at 11:43