When I'm adding \tableofcontents to my document the PDF generated contains a nice list of sections/subsections on the left side, when viewed in Adobe Acrobat (I also use hyperref package). Everything is fine.

But now I don't need this TOC to be visible in the document, but I want to keep it visible in the PDF. When I'm deleting \tableofcontents from the document it disappears in the PDF as well. How to solve it?

ps. Maybe this is the problem (my log)?:

Package hyperref Warning: Option `bookmarks' has already been used,
(hyperref)                setting the option has no effect on input line 33.
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    Works for me (i.e. when using hyperref without \tableofcontents, I still get bookmarks). – lockstep Nov 1 '10 at 15:31

Here's a hack:


The tableofcontents is generated and saved but never inserted into the document.

But I just read @lockstep's comment; you may not need any of this.

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This is what I've found and it works perfectly:

% ...
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A simple way would be to use the pdfpages package or a tool like pdfjam to remove the table of contents page(s) from the pdf file.

Other solutions involving modification of macros such as \tableofcontents and \contentsline require to know which document class you are using. And of course you may create pdf bookmarks using hyperref commands yourself instead of using \tableofcontents.

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