I just want to build math formulas that look nice, no documents, no books. Thanks

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    Which operation system do you use? – user36296 Mar 8 at 22:54
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    Consider reading Is there a web-based LaTeX or TeX editor? You might be interested in an online LaTeX equation editor. – Werner Mar 8 at 23:00
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    Like most other software the answer will be: "The newest for your OS". I do not know what other type of answer you expect. – hpekristiansen Mar 8 at 23:16
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  • user2817127, don't let the inital downvotes and slighly harsh comments you received here discourage you from asking further questions! @hpekristiansen, obviously OP is not aware of how LaTeX works and thought that "distributions" differ from each other like for Linux... – sheß Apr 2 at 8:23

(too long for a comment, hence posted as an answer)

You asked,

[Which] LaTeX version should I download?

and you mentioned that

I just want to build math formulas that look nice.

Your question appears to imply that you expect there to be various manifestations of LaTeX executables, each with various amounts of power or sophistication. But that's not how LaTeX "works".

The two questions you should be asking are: "Once I've downloaded and installed a suitable complete TeX distribution on my computer, which LaTeX document class should I employ?" And, "Which LaTeX packages (if any) should I load in the preamble of my LaTeX documents in order to make typesetting various mathematical expressions straightforward?"

Regarding your first question: It sounds like even a "basic" document class such as article will do fine. Not knowing what kinds of mathematical typesetting needs you may have, it's not really possible to give an in-depth answer to the second question.

  • Thank you Mico. I think I'll start scavenging sample code before asking any more questions. – user2817127 Mar 9 at 23:46

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