I have a table that is in scriptsize and when compile my code numbers itself at 2.2 instead of 2.1. It is intended for my second chapter. Does anyone know what I should do to start numbering this table at 2.1?

Thanks in advance!

     \caption{An overview of meta-competences that enable engineering students to solve the future challenge, based on \shortcite{Siddique2013}}
    \begin{tabular}{ l | l }
    \textbf{Dim.} & \textbf{Description} \\
    \textbf{MC1} & \textbf{The ability to manage information} \\
    MC1.1 & To gather, interpret, validate and use information \\
    MC1.2 & Understand and use quantitative and qualitative information \\
    MC1.3 & Discard useless information \\
    \textbf{MC2} & \textbf{The ability to manage thinking} \\
    MC2.1 & Ability to identify and manage dilemmas associated with the realization of complex, \\ & sustainable, socio-techno eco-systems \\
    MC2.2 & Ability to think across disciplines \\
    MC2.3 & Holistic thinking, conceptual thinking and switching from divergent and convergent thinking \\
    MC2.4 & Ability to speculate and to identify research topics worthy of investigation \\
    MC2.5 & Ability to engage in critical discussion  \\
    MC2.6 & Identify and explore opportunities for developing break-through products, systems or services \\
    MC2.7 & Ability to think strategically by using both theory and methods \\
    \textbf{MC3} & \textbf{The ability to manage collaboration} \\
    MC3.1 & Ability to manage the collaboration process in local and global settings \\
    MC3.2 & Ability to create new knowledge collaboratively in a diverse team \\
    MC3.3 & Competence in negotiation \\
    MC3.4 & Teamwork competence \\
    \textbf{MC4} & \textbf{The ability to manage learning} \\
    MC4.1 & Ability to identify the competencies and meta-competencies needed to create value in the engineering world  \\
    MC4.2 & Ability to self-instruct and self-monitor learning \\
    MC4.3 & Ability to interact with multiple modes of learning \\
    MC4.4 &  Ability to manage a lifetime of learning or lifelong learning \\
    \textbf{MC5} & \textbf{The ability to manage attitude} \\
    MC5.1 & Ability to self-motivate  \\
    MC5.2 & Ability to cope with chaos \\
    MC5.3 & Ability to identify and acknowledge mistakes and unproductive paths;  \\
    MC5.4 & Ability to assess and manage risk taking \\

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    Not the issue, but a general advice: I'd not label your table 2:1 with \label{tabel:2.1}, instead I'd choose something that can't change even if the order of your document should change in the future, something like \label{tab:metacompetence}. Also you must use \label after the \caption or (even better) inside the mandatory argument of the \caption macro. – Skillmon Mar 9 '19 at 12:54
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    My best guess is what Skillmon suggests at the end: \label should come after \caption. Currently \label picks up the last counter that was stepped up before the table (that might be a subsection or section counter or something else entirely). See also tex.stackexchange.com/q/32325/35864, tex.stackexchange.com/q/7/35864 – moewe Mar 9 '19 at 13:06
  • That's good advice guys, noted! However, when I put my label after my caption, the entire caption disappears. When I remove the \shortcite{Siddique2013} it also does not work. – Christiaan Mar 9 '19 at 13:30
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    \label has to be after (or better, in)` \caption or can not work, but for your main question, post a small complete document that shows the problem. Currently you are including a large tabular that has no effect on the numbering, but are not including any code from earlier in the document that has set the counter to the wrong value, so it is hard to offer any help. – David Carlisle Mar 9 '19 at 13:41
  • Please tell us (a) which document class you employ and (b) which LaTeX packages you load (and with which options). – Mico Mar 9 '19 at 15:17

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