I noticed that the Title at the bottom of the presentation (at least it is there with the Madrid theme) is a button that goes to the title frame. In the title frame it goes to the last slide before the appendix.

Is there a way to change those links such that on the title frame it goes to the first frame (and maybe choose with slide) of the appendix?

I have my backup slides in the appendix and I would like to be able to quickly jump to them and back to my talk if someone ask a question. I don't like the way the beamer buttons look in the main slides, but I have them in the backup slides because I don't care how they look.


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You can change the definition of \insertshorttitle and change the link to a destination of your choice.

The following example links to the second slide of a frame labelled foo:




%    \hyperlinkpresentationend{\beamer@insertshort{\beamer@shorttitle}}%







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