I'm sorry, but I'm getting a bit desperate about this. I've been working on a camera-ready book for quite a long time, my publisher finds that the margin errors arising in tufte-book make my manuscript unacceptable. I've posted a bug report but it has elicited no reply. I've tried using changepage, as recommended. Nothing has worked. I'm willing to pay a modest fee for someone who truly solves this problem robustly, once and for all... which would be a great help to the community.

I'm writing a book in tufte-book and occasionally get figures and captions that do not respect which side the margin is on. Here, on page 24, the margin is on the left (as can be seen by the \quote text below), but the figure and caption are incorrectly placed as if the margin were on the right.

I've typeset the document many (e.g., five) times in a row, expecting that settings and orientations would be corrected, but it the error remains.

I'm sorry but I cannot create a minimal example as it would involve many many pages of commands and such.

Hence my question is rather general: How can one force the left-right setting for a figure in tufte-book?

Tufte-book with margin flipped

Thanks to the creator of Tufte-book.sty I learned of \forceversofloat and \forcerectofloat, to be placed inside a figure environment, which force a figure to place the caption on the left or right. This is a big help when the final document is ready. However, if you insert these commands and then edit your text leading to figures changing places, then you have to go back and switch them by hand for the new page symmetry.

I'm going to try to write a function using \if to use the correct forcing command on even and on odd pages.

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    Seems to be the bug I descibed in this answer: tex.stackexchange.com/a/476683/16550 – Mensch Mar 11 at 16:41
  • Ah... essentially the same problem (but I didn't find it because it involved centering). I'll submit a bug report to tufte-book and hope for the best! Thanks. – David G. Stork Mar 11 at 16:48
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    The changepage package provides a robust means of checking for even/odd pages, which is the problem here. I have no idea if it would be compatible with tufte. – Peter Wilson Mar 11 at 19:11
  • @PeterWilson: Thanks... but changing the page parity will not solve the problem, because it is the inconsistency on a single page that is at issue. – David G. Stork Mar 11 at 23:11
  • This looks like it could have to do with texfaq.org/FAQ-oddpage as Peter Wilson already mentioned. The tufte-latex classes actually make use of \checkoddpage, but only if the package changepage or chngpage is installed (though the actual definitions make me suspect one would get an error in case neither of the two packages is present). So in theory the class looks like it would do the right thing. – moewe Mar 11 at 23:36

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