I am writing a document with Reledmac (which is necessary for me so cannot be changed). I make extensive use of \ledsidenote. However, when in one line the sidenote is quite long (and flows over to a following line), and I have a \ledsidenote in the following line too, there is a painful collission. How can I tell LaTeX to avoid this? (I know the manual tells these sidenotes are non-floating. I think they need to float. Here is a MWE which shows the error:

\setsidenotesep{ $|$ }

Lorem\ledsidenote{lorem}\ledsidenote{ipsum} \ledsidenote{dolor}\ledsidenote{sit amet}ipsum\ledsidenote{still no painful collission} dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce sed dolor libero. Aenean\ledsidenote{but here the collission is} 
  • there is no solution except moving yourself the sidenote. I don't see how reledmac could automatically determine the best place for a side note. Maybe you can change the font size for the sidenote. – Maïeul Mar 12 at 9:13
  • @Maïeul: Thank you for your short reply. I don't know the interior of Reledmac, but what I want is easily done bij the marginpar-command, the marginnote-package or the sidenotes-package. But these don't work in a line-numbered environment, don't they? – Jan Mar 12 at 16:17
  • it woul imply a new writing of the code for sidenote in reledmac. – Maïeul Mar 13 at 9:37

The answer is, like Maieul, maintainer of the reledmac-package, sais: there is no solution for this wish. When you try to do something like this, you should not use reledmac.

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