Recently after updating MiKTeX 2.9 the console did not open again. I try deleting everything and installing MiKTeX again. This didn't work at all. Every time I try to execute miktex-console.exe nothing happens. I don't know what to do.

I would appreciate any help!


  • Something like this happened to me too. I can't remember how I fixed it though. – jaspast Mar 12 at 0:46
  • if your trying to load recent install as admin on win10 its likely a known problem for that type of install personally have not seen it unless its the same issue I had with new load on vista which no longer loads and apparently I can no longer get support for need to check MiKTeX issues for your type of install – user170109 Mar 12 at 0:47
  • KJO, I can't understand what you wrote. However, I read your past entry about your issue but I think this is different. I try to do the same you did but it didn't work for me. – Sebastián Castro Fragueiro Mar 12 at 1:00
  • Welcome to TeX.SE!! Can this very helpful answer solve your problem? In recent versions of MikTeX there is only one program that manages everything that the previous ones did. – manooooh Mar 12 at 5:07
  • 1
    @manooooh Have you considered to upvote my very helpful answer? :-) – Mensch Mar 12 at 9:58

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