For example, when I use the command (in Overleaf/ShareLaTex):


the \includegraphics{} comes without the [] parameter to change the size of the image, and \begin{figure} without the [H] option by default.

Is it possible to renew the command to make it default? By that I mean that when I type the \begin{figure} command it adds the [H] and [h] as well as [width=\textwidth] in the \includegraphics command, rather than making a global change in the preamble e.g.


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(Disclaimer: I'm a support personnel at Overleaf)

At present the code autocompletion options and blocks on Overleaf aren't user-customisable; sorry about this. If you think a particular snippet is useful for LaTeX users in general, you can send your suggestions to [email protected], thanks.


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