I need to use the tocloft package because I edited my list of figures and tables that it displays "Figure/Table 1..." in bold text before the name using \renewcommand{\cftfigpresnum}{\bfseries Figure/Table }, \renewcommand{\cftfignumwidth}{6em} and \renewcommand{\cftfigindent}{0em}. Later I noticed that because of the tocloft package, the page numbers on both pages for the lists are missing as well as the page number of the first page of the table of contents. When I comment tocloft out everything is numbered correctly but I can't use the commands mentioned above. Is there a way to display the page numbers correctly while using tocloft or is there a better way of achieving my desired outcome without the tocloft package?

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    Please provide a minimal working example to make your question clearer!
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    Commented Mar 13, 2019 at 14:40

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By default the tocloft package uses the \pagestyle{plain} for the first pages of the ToC, LoF and LoT. Within the package this is set by the macro \tocloftpagestyle{plain}, see page 6 of the user manual (>texdoc tocloft). You can change this to whatever you want but it seems as though you might have an errant \tocloftpagestyle{empty} in your code (which you haven't disclosed to us).

Or did you mean that the page numbers of chapters/sections etc. were not printed in the ToC?

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