I currently have the following shortcut in my LaTeX document for an isomorphism arrow:



This works fine, except for the fact that there is a bit too much vertical space below the \sim.
In particular, if the arrow happens to appear below any other inline maths, then things seem a little bit too squished.
How can I lower the \sim to be closer to my \xrightarrow?

Here is how things look at the moment:

current situation


If you don't need it in \scriptstyle (though I think \xrightarrow only comes in \textstyle), then

$A\congto B$

$A\altxrightarrow{\equiv} B$

$A\altxrightarrow[-2pt]{\mathrm{wth}} B$

enter image description here

\altxrightarrow thrown in for free.


Following the links in a comment, I just used


which worked great:

enter image description here

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