So, I'm trying to organise my references and noticed that putting all of them in one .bib file is messy. I want to make separate .bib files for each reference. Now, I know I can use


But. I want my .bib files to be in a separate folder from my main .tex document. Which means I need to set a directory for it to access the .bib files. I tried to use


but this works only for one .bib file.

Does anyone have an idea how do I go about this problem?

  • its usually a pair of external environment settings to a bibliotic library of files ADD which tex (Live, Mac MiK) you are using to your question also helps to know what texmf settings you have made – user170109 Mar 13 at 20:57
  • 1
    \bibliography{main/references/bibfile,main/references/bibfile2} should work. What error do you get? – Ulrike Fischer Mar 13 at 21:06
  • @UlrikeFischer that's exactly what I needed! Thanks a lot (I didn't know I needed to add path for each file separately). Don't have enough reputation to upvote your comment though. – Nigi Tanka Mar 13 at 21:42

\bibliography{main/references/bibfile,main/references/bibfile2} should work.

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