How to insert source outside of boxes using tcolorbox, in my case box splitting as many pages.

enter image description here


\newtcolorbox{Boxone}[2][]{% enhanced,
   enhanced,left=9pt,right=9pt,top=6pt,bottom=4pt, breakable,
   sharp corners, arc=15pt, rounded corners=northeast, 
   pad at break=9pt,bottomrule at break=0pt,toprule at break=0pt, 
  height fixed for=all, } 
\begin{Boxone}{Example 1.4} 
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    Please share the MWE! – Mishra S Mar 14 at 12:20
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    Please -- as usual here -- show us a short compilable tex code resulting in your issue. Instead real text simply use dummy text, for example by usage of package lipsum or blindtext. Then we can copy it and play on our computer with it to help you. – Mensch Mar 14 at 12:22
  • Yes, please find tex coding: In this case footnote or source should be placed outside of box: – Rajesh N Mar 14 at 13:11
  • Footnotes are considered part of the textbox therefore are always included inside the tcolorbox. – Ignasi Mar 15 at 8:32
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    Despite my previous comment, it's possible to add some text outside the box with overlays. You can see an example in this answer (see updated section) – Ignasi Mar 20 at 19:04

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