I'm trying to edit this overleaf template: https://www.overleaf.com/latex/templates/a-customised-curve-cv/mvmbhkwsnmwv

In particular I want to completely remove the label date from the bibliography items, since it does not suit my field.

Surname N. (2019). A nice paper. -->> Surname N.. A nice paper.

I concentrated most of my effort in the setting.sty file, where alle the packages are loaded.

Disclaimer: I need to stick with the apa style otherwise the whole bibliography template breaks down.

I tried every solution I found (~2 hours of failures) before coming here as a last resort.

I tried to add at the already existing


Without success, as any of the countless formatting solutions.

It seems that none of the field manipulation options works in this template ad I do not know why.

Can someone help me?

Thanks, Alberto


You can remove the year from the bibliography by redefining the relevant macro.

For the outdated version of biblatex and biblatex-apa on Overleaf you will need


For more recent versions


should be the right command.

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