This script produces footnotes under the left column. In my bilingual book this doe not make sense. How to make the same footnote but in the right column?

%% Additional note from LLT: you don't need fontspec or xelatex for reledmac or reledpar to work. However, if your document _does_ involve different languages with different scripts/fonts (e.g. English and Greek or Arabic etc), then it's a good idea to use those packages -- see https://www.overleaf.com/read/wfdxqhcyyjxz for an example
\usepackage[T2A, T1]{fontenc}
\usepackage[english, french, russian]{babel}
\usepackage[a4paper, landscape, left=1in, right=1in, bottom=1.5in, top=1in]{geometry} %, showframe]






This is the Text on the left side.\footnote{I want this footnote to be under the left column}
Русский текст с какими-то отсылками.\footnote{Отсылка на руском}


  • Would using the paracol packge for producing two colum parallel text be an option for you? – leandriis Mar 14 at 18:51
  • Unfortunately, I've alreasy implemented everything in reledpar/reledmac and if possible I would prefer not to change much – lizaveta Mar 14 at 19:12
  • You could try adding \let\footnote\footnoteA \arrangementX[A]{twocol} \hsizetwocolX[A]{0.5\hsize}. However, this does not add a horizontal line above the footnotes in the right column. – leandriis Mar 14 at 19:22

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