In a document I want to cite a publication with all authors and all text in italics prior to the start of a section. The italics is necessary to visually set it apart from the rest of the text. I put the following lines into my preamble and they do what they should. I am not able to make the name of the journal \itshape though. If possible I would also like to remove the word "In:" which is printed in front of the journal title each time.

\preto\fullcite{\AtNextCitekey{\clearfield{url} \clearfield{doi} 
\clearfield{eprint} \clearfield{pages} \clearfield{note}}}
\preto\fullcite{\AtNextCitekey{\normalfont\itshape}} %\sl for slanted
# This next line doesnt work
#\preto\fullcite{\AtNextCitekey{\DeclareFieldFormat{journaltitle}{\normalfont\itshape{#1}}} %\sl for slanted

Thank you in advance

  • Welcome to Stack Exchange. Please provide an MWE so it is easier to help you. Which citation style are you using? – Karlo Mar 15 at 9:52
  • 1
    Nevermind, i missed a bracked \preto\fullcite{\AtNextCitekey{\DeclareFieldFormat{journaltitle}{\normalfont\itshape{#1}}}} wokrs – NorrinRadd Mar 15 at 10:05

You already found the missing closing bracket in the comments, so here is an alternative approach defining a new command \itfullcite whose output is completely in italics. To make sure no switching back occurs, we simply redefine the biblatex commands \mkbibemph and \mkbibitalic.


\usepackage[style=authoryear, backend=biber]{biblatex}






Fullcite in italics and bibliography entry (not in italics)

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