I have some problems making this text look good: enter image description here

This is the LaTeX code I have right now:

        alert\ http\ \$EXTERNAL\_NET\ any\ \rightarrow \$HOME\_NET\ any\ 
        (msg:"Hacker\ is\ here!";\ \\ dsize:>100;\  type:"response";\ 
        content:"Bootstrap";\ sid:123;)

I would appreciate all help to try to make this look better. I know I can't get it on one line but it does not have to be an equation either so the 3.1 is not needed. But maybe you have some ideas? I also don't like the spaces that are automatically added in an equation before the colons.

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I like this way

\text{alert http }\$EXTERNAL\_NET\ any\rightarrow \$HOME\_NET\ any\\
\qquad\begin{array}{l@{\ }cl}
    msg&:&\text{``Hacker is here!''};\\

enter image description here

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    Hey! This looks perfect. Thank you very much for the help @JouleV – Johan Mar 15 '19 at 12:21
  • @Johan You are welcome! – user156344 Mar 15 '19 at 12:21

You should take your time to think about a consistent format for such objects.

Here's an attempt. Remember to define macros for different types of objects, so that it will be easy to change format if you (or other people) so wish.




alert http \envvar{EXTERNAL\_NET} any \\
\qquad $\rightarrow$ \envvar{HOME\_NET} any (
  \begin{tabular}[t]{@{}l@{ }c@{ }l@{}}
  msg     &:& \tdesc{Hacker is here!}; \\
  dsize   &:& $>100$; \\
  type    &:& \tdesc{response}; \\
  content &:& \tdesc{Bootstrap}; \\
  sid     &:& $123$; )


enter image description here

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