How do I make a animated filled circle that gets smaller and changes its color? I'm using the beamer class.

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    In order to ensure no marmots are harmed in producing an answer I think the cover page of this explanation says it perfectly \usepackage[dynamic opacity]{caution} optical-astronomy.education/onewebmedia/var2.pdf – user170109 Mar 15 at 14:13
  • Please provide us with an MWE that shows what you have tried. Judging from your previous question, there is a chance you want to embed it into a beamer document. If so, this changes the story because beamer comes with \animate, and it definitely allows you to animate the color of a circle, the radius or both. – user121799 Mar 15 at 15:40
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    @marmot yeah sorry that i did not provide any MWE becuase I did not know how to get even started. But thank you for showing me how to animate a circle really helpful! – Simba Mar 15 at 18:58
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    Changing the question in after having accepted an answer is IMHO not a good style. Anyone considering to write an answer here should be warned that this may happen to your answer as well. – user121799 Mar 15 at 21:56
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Assuming you want beamer again.


\begin{frame}[t,fragile]{Frame title}
 \path[use as bounding box] (-4.2,-4.2) rectangle (4.2,4.2);
 \fill[yellow!\myfrac!red] circle[radius=\myradius];

enter image description here

In order to show the animation in a presentation, view it with acroread in full screen mode.

  • thanks again. Now i made a "MWE" in order to get this control panel. – Simba Mar 15 at 21:46
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    Of course did not think about that. Won't happen again! – Simba Mar 16 at 9:14

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