I would like to know how to install glosstex package in TexLive. I don't know where to paste it because I have downloaded it from CTAN. I installed TexLive in Windows 10 Home.


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    According to ctan this is software from 1997! Why not use something more modern like the glossaries package and tools – daleif Mar 15 at 18:49
  • @daleif I need it for Texis. However, It will be great to know how to install a package in Tex Live that was not listed. – Sebastián Castro Fragueiro Mar 16 at 20:30

Wowzer that's a challenge it ran out of the box in MSDOS 6.2 circa windows 3.1

Unsure if there may be problems finding a TeX Live from the last century so that it is fully compatible enough to run them together.

The MS-DOS binary supposedly worked on Windows XP (32-bit) - i.e it should say "This is GlossTeX" rather than crashing! It definitely won't work on Windows 64-bit however the old 32-bit versions of Windows had the 16-bit MS-DOS subsystem so it ought to still work on them. If it doesn't work on those then you will have to install a C compiler and rebuild it from its sources roughly as in the PDF instruction manual.

Better alternative might be to find a Linux machine with a suitable make command


After trying to solve my problem, I came up with a solution!

I installed glosstex successfully in TeX Live following the next steps:

  1. Download from CTAN glosstex package.
  2. Unzip the file within texmf-dist/tex/latex folder
  3. Used cmd in texmf-dist/tex/latex folder and type latex glosstex.ins This will generate .sty, .std and .ist files.
  4. Copy the folder (with the new files) and paste in texmf-dist/makeindex

Then it worked out!

  • Yes those LaTeX files will potentially work forever but how are you running the binary. Or do you not need that step ? – user170109 Mar 20 at 14:25

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