How can I write a square version of the integral sign? I'm looking for something that has the same height as a regular integral sign and looks like this:

enter image description here

Note that this symbol is not found by Detexify and does not appear to be in the comprehensive list of symbols.


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You can always build your own symbol. (If you want such integrals also to show up as subscripts, you need to add the corresponding code to the last options of \mathchoice.)

\draw[line width=0.08em] (-0.2em,0em) 
|- (0,-0.2em) -- (0,1.9em) -| (0.2em,1.7em);}}{\tikz[baseline=0.35em]{%
\draw[line width=0.06em] (-0.2em,0em) 
|- (0,-0.2em) -- (0,1.2em) -| (0.2em,1em);}}{}{}}
\[ \SquareInt\limits_a^bf(x)\,\mathrm{d}x\quad\text{vs.}\quad 

enter image description here

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You can design your own using \rules. This solution measures the height and depth of the integral to ensure exact size.

enter image description here

Here is the code:


\usepackage{calc} % needed to add lengths 
\usepackage{amsmath} % needed for \DeclareMathOperator


{\settoheight{\hght}{$\displaystyle{\int}$}\settodepth{\dpth}{$\displaystyle{\int}$}% measures \int
    \rule[-\dpth]{.2ex}{.5ex}% lower vert
    \rule[-\dpth]{.12em}{.2ex}% lower hor
    \rule[-\dpth]{.2ex}{\hght+\dpth}% main vert
    \rule[\hght-.2ex]{.12em}{.2ex}% upper hor
    \rule[\hght-.5ex]{.2ex}{.5ex}}% upper vert


Inline square integral: $\int_0^1\sqrint_0^1$, subscripted: $A_{\int_0^1\sqrint_0^1}$, or a displayed version:


Note that I have not added the code for a scriptscript version. You can adjust the lengths and thicknesses as you wish.

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