I'm writing a book, where I want chapters to begin on the left page (due to the language which is written from right to left...).

However, using memoir with openleft and twoside gives me the problem that the chapter asd (see example below) begins on page ii, and not page i as desired:

\documentclass[twoside, openleft]{memoir}







I have tried resetting the pagenumber-counter using \setcounter{page}{0}, but to no avail. What is the proper way to reset the counter?


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I assume that your real document will have something before your \chapter{asd} but for your MWE if you put

\mbox{} % empty text

between \frontmatter and \chapter{asd} then put


between \chapter{asd} and \Blindtext I think that you will get what you asked for: A blank recto page, a verso page numbered i with the ASD chapter and then pages numbered from ii onwards.

I don't like it. --- GOM

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