I am using the following code to generate a single page with the abstract:

\documentclass[a4paper, pagesize, twoside, openright, 11pt, BCOR=4mm, DIV=11, chapterprefix, appendixprefix, headlines=1.1, footlines=1.1, headsepline, numbers=noenddot, headings=normal, abstract=true, final]{scrreprt}
abstract text
\end {abstract}

I get a page with the centered title "abstract" and then the "abstract text" - so far so good. But the top margin/space before the title "abstract" is set is too high for me - How can I reduce this maring (not the space between the tilte and the text of the abstract, the space over the title)?

Thank you in advance!

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    Welcome to TeX.se and thanks for giving a minimal document! If you add the class option titlepage=false I think you will get what you want. – Alan Munn Mar 17 at 17:48

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