I want to highlight text regions in my Emacs/AUCTeX/LaTeX document in a "textmarker style". Furthermore, the highlighting should save permanently. These features are provided by highlight.el and enriched-mode, which works fine with plain text file.

However, this doesn't work for LaTeX files *.tex, where I could not select text properties any more.

How can I combine text highlighting with AUCTeX?


Using enriched-mode won't work since it actually saves the file in a different format—one that would prevent latex from working. Try M-xfind-file-literallyRETpath/to/enriched/mode/fileRET and you will see something like

Content-Type: text/enriched Text-Width: 70
<x-color><param>royalblue4</param>"Return the start and end of the
region as a list, smallest first.  If the region is empty or not
active, then bob and eob are used."</x-color>

If you want things highlighted systematically it can probably be done with font-lock-add-keywords, but if it's entirely arbitrary you would have to write a system that saves another file containing markers and then reads them in on file open and performs the highlighting. It's not impossible but as far as I know, noone has done it yet. See this stackoverflow question.

The question I think is really, what are you trying to accomplish. If it's drawing attention to an area that needs help for example then maybe adding a comment % TODO: description together with something like fic-mode (which I have never used) would be the best option. With a little more work you could even have it highlight the entire next sentence or something.


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