I am new to beamer . I am looking for a traditional circular bullet instead of the sideways triangle: is this possible given I am using pandoc preamble? It seems like none of the document level LaTeX directives can be used when pandoc is employed.

title: Tensorflow
documentclass: beamer
colortheme: boadilla
fonttheme: structurebold
  - \setsansfont{Roboto}
  - \setbeamertemplate{itemize items}[circle]
    highlight: tango
    theme: lumen
    fig_caption: yes        

This is being run by

  pandoc -s -t beamer --toc-depth=5 --toc  --pdf-engine xelatex -o paper2.pdf p2.md

enter image description here

Update I added the header-includes with 2 beamer directives: however it had no effect.


The LaTeX code in your example is not correctly escaped, if you put it in the YAML block. You can fix that by creating a new file, which contains all the code, you want to add to the preamble and call pandoc with -H filename.


title: Test
documentclass: beamer

- One
    - One and a half
- Two


\setbeamertemplate{itemize items}[circle]

Call pandoc:

$ pandoc test.md -H header.incl --pdf-engine=xelatex  -o test.pdf

enter image description here

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