Hello trying to writte pseudocode in Latex

I cant fix mistake in line 8


\begin{algorithm} \caption{Učící mechanismus všech obcí}
\While {Obce ještě nedokonvergovaly}
\State t=t+1
\ForEach {KNIES_p $\in$ Population}
\For{$X_i$ $\in$ Zařazené body}
\State KNIES_p.\quad \textbf{Learn}($X_i$, $\beta_t = \frac{t\beta_T}{T}$)
\If{KNIES_p {$\qaq$} KNIES}
\State KNIES(t) = KNIES_p

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    Welcome to TeX.SX! Could you please turn your code fragment into a compilabe minimal working example (MWE) by adding the documentclass and the relevant packages. Please also explain the connection to biblatex as you used this tag. – leandriis Mar 18 '19 at 19:01
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    Please do not shout on us (Change chapital letters in title of question)! How is this related to your last question tex.stackexchange.com/questions/479937/… ? Which error do you get and please make your code snippet compilable .... – Mensch Mar 18 '19 at 19:23

You have many errors, mostly due to improper treatment of math symbols.

There is no predefined \ForEach block, you have to define it yourself.

Supply a definition for \qaq, that's not a standard command.



\algblockx{ForEach}{EndForEach}{\textbf{foreach} }{\textbf{end foreach}}

\newcommand{\qaq}{???} % what's this?


\begin{algorithm} \caption{Učící mechanismus všech obcí}
\While {Obce ještě nedokonvergovaly}
  \State $t=t+1$
  \ForEach {$\ivar{KNIES}_p \in \tvar{Population}$}
    \For{$X_i\in\tvar{Zařazené body}$}
      \State $\ivar{KNIES}_p$.\quad
             \textbf{Learn}($X_i$, $\beta_t = \frac{t\beta_T}{T}$)
  \If{$\ivar{KNIES}_p \qaq \ivar{KNIES}$}
    \State $\ivar{KNIES}(t) = \ivar{KNIES}_p$


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