I want to merge two files written in LyX by my colleague and me. The problem is both of us use self-written macros for writing things shortly.

We want to merge our files, and use a chapter my colleague wrote in his file, inside the main file I wrote, while using different macros.

The macros aren't complex (as we're both self-taught lyx users, not power users), but every one of us has a couple tens of them, and each macro is used tens-hundreds of times.

What is a relatively simple way to merge part of my colleague's file into mine?

One thing I was thinking is a feature that somehow "dissolves" the macros, converting them to a "normal" chars inside a math box, as if they never were macros.

I'd appreciate any suggestion

Thanks :)

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    If lyx can merge files (I have no idea if it can do it) then it should be possible to simply copy the macro definitions in your preamble. – Ulrike Fischer Mar 19 at 15:18

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