I am reading an article, where I faced the following: enter image description here

I want to write such a thing in LaTeX. Basically, this whole thing is in a bracket, every two lines are grouped and labeled together, and there is also an alignment of three columns within the bracket.

Could you please help?

  • Could you please kindly provide us with what you have tried such that we do not have to type the formulae from the screen shot? – user121799 Mar 20 '19 at 3:57

It is possible e.g. with empheq, align and aligned.

 d^\mathsf{T}u+\left(1+d^\mathsf{T}r\right)f(\dots) &\le 0 \\ 
 1+d^\mathsf{T}r &\ge 0 
\end{aligned} &\\
 -D_i^\mathsf{T}u+\left(-D_i^\mathsf{T}\right)f(\dots) &\le 0 \\ 
 -D_i^\mathsf{T} &\ge 0 
\end{aligned} & \qquad  i=1,\dots, L

enter image description here

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