Short question:

What is the correct way to setup and invoke the bibliography mecanism in context, to use, for example, the category electronic?

Long question:

Looking at context documentations and source code, it says that for electronic category we have:

  • Required fields: title
  • Optional fields: address, author, howpublished, month, note, organization, url, year, doi

In this way, for example, consider the following code:

@ELECTRONIC {example,
    title = "One title",
    url = "http://www.example.org",





When rendered, it produces this awful output:

Output from the code above

so, to me, this is an errouneous output once only title and url should be rendered. Then here is my question, how is the correct way to use this category, what am I missing?


If I add this code:

\startsetups btx:aps:list:electronic
    \btxdoif {author} {
    \btxdoif {howpublished} {
        \texdefinition{btx:aps:doi-url} {\btxspace\btxflush{howpublished}}
    \btxdoif {year} {

I've got the correct output:

correct output

But it does not seem correct to me that I need to change such definitions

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