I was curious... I couldn't find this in any of the documentation of the algorithm2e and algorithmicx packages. I'm wondering if there's a way to represent objects with attributes in LaTeX. Would help a lot.


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You can extend algorithmicx to include, say, C-like struct. A minimal working example:


\algdef{SE}% flags used internally to indicate we're defining a new block statement
[STRUCT]% new block type, not to be confused with loops or if-statements
{Struct}% "\Struct{name}" will indicate the start of the struct declaration
{EndStruct}% "\EndStruct" ends the block indent
[1]% There is one argument, which is the name of the data structure
{\textbf{struct} \textsc{#1}}% typesetting of the start of a struct
{\textbf{end struct}}% typesetting the end of the struct

\caption*{Example of a C-like struct}
\begin{algorithmic}%[1] % uncomment for line numbers
  \State $id$ : \textsc{uuid}
  \State $name$ : \textsc{String}

The only caveat is, anonymous structs aren't adequately supported in this setup.


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