My setup is running a command line interface vim (using iTerm) and Skim for my pdf viewer. I would like to set up synctex with Skim, but nothing I've tried has worked. Here is what I am doing:

  • I am compiling with pdflatex and -synctex=1
  • Skim requires a command and an argument for synctex. My command is /usr/bin/vim and my argument is --remote-silent +"%line" "%file"

This didn't work. I also tried the advice offered here, which said to make a bash script that ran an automator script which would manipulate my editor. But I couldn't get this to work either (this also seems pretty clunky).

I am willing to change pdf viewer as well, so if you have suggestions for how to get synctex working with iTerm vim and other pdf viewers that would be great too.

  • If you can run at a terminal vim +10 test.tex OR vi +:10 test.tex and the editor opens the file with the cursor at start of line 10 then that is what your scripts should be doing once you know the mix that works then in skim you are trying to do similar e.g. /path/to/vim +:%line "%file" – KJO Mar 21 at 17:45

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