I don't understand why the following document does not compile:

\documentclass[letterpaper, 11pt, onecolumn]{article}


struct test
    int x = 0;

Where is the problem?


[language=[11]C++] is an optional argument and [11] is another optional argument. In listings package, When using an optional argument inside another optional you need to use braces around the whole value.

\begin{lstlisting}[language={[11]C++}] ought to fix it.

If you check the listings documentation in Section 2.3 the third point in the \itemize explains it

→ ‘language=[77]Fortran’ does not work inside an optional argument. You must put braces around the value if a value with optional argument is used inside an optional argument. In the case here write ‘language={[77]Fortran}’ to select Fortran 77.

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