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    \textbf{Input} : An a $p^t$, prime $p$, 
     integer $t$ and data s above\;
    \textbf{Find} : A swq $G$\;

    \hspace{0.5cm} $L =\phi;B=\phi$\;
    \hspace{0.5cm} repeat\;
    \hspace{1cm} select largest ord$_G(a)$\;
    \hspace{1cm} $B=B\cup \{a\}$\;
    \hspace{1cm} $L^{'} $\;
   \hspace{1cm} \textbf{for} (each $b \in L^{'}$) remove all elements in 
   $U(b)$ from $M$\;
  \hspace{1cm} $L=L\cup L^{'}$\;
  \hspace{0.5cm} until $(\sum_{a_j \in B}R(a_j) =t)$\;



Question : How to design a vertical line between begin and end statement of the algorithm?

See the output:

enter image description here

  • For the future: Please format pasted code with the respective markdown. This increases readability ba a LOT :) – Raven Mar 21 '19 at 17:14
  • For Ravens comment: Hint if using a browser, you can highlight the code and hit Ctrl-k to get it formatted this way. – daleif Mar 21 '19 at 17:24
  • @daleif I do Ctrl-k but it works only for the first line of the code. – nice guy Mar 21 '19 at 17:45
  • @regarding the formatting of code in questions: Select the block of code first and then press Ctrl+k or the {} button. Regarding your question: You might want to use \Begin, \End , \Input,... instead of \textbf{...} – leandriis Mar 21 '19 at 18:32

You need to use the keywords defined by algorithm2e. Here's a better markup that does just that:

enter image description here





  \KwInput{An a $p^t$, prime $p$, integer $t$ and data s above}
  \KwFind{A swq $G$}
    $L = \phi$; $B = \phi$\;
    \Repeat{$\sum_{a_j \in B} R(a_j) = t$}{
      select largest $\mathrm{ord}_G(a)$\;
      $B = B \cup \{a\}$\;
      \For{each $b \in L'$}{
        remove all elements in $U(b)$ from $M$\;
      $L = L \cup L'$\;
  \caption{Algorithm caption}

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