I am new to LaTeX. My document has lots of Bengali Unicode sentences and characters. However, it doesn't work with Unicode characters. For example, in the following script, I have a Bengali character ‘।’(full stop). An error occurs due to this Bengali character. The Texmaker shows a square box at the place of the character.

    \item Create a copy of the corpus file; this copied corpus will be converted to the lexicon.
    \item Read the copied corpus file.  
    \item Remove unnecessary punctuations such as, ‘।’(full stop) , ‘,’ (comma) etc.
    \item Remove any foreign words and characters such as an English word.
! Package inputenc Error: Unicode character । (U+0964)

I found a solution in internet which includes the following packages


But that is not working working at all. How to show all Bengali Unicode characters and sentences in LaTeX.

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    pdfLaTeX only deals with a limited subset of Unicode by default even if you load (\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}, which is the default in newer LaTeX versions anyway). You would have to set up characters it does not know manually with \DeclareUnicodeCharacter. This may work for the odd Bengali punctuation character if it is not used too much and there is a LaTeX equivalent, but if you intend to typeset full-on Bengali text you should probably try XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX. Only those two engines offer full Unicode support. (Of course you need a font with the characters.) – moewe Mar 22 at 8:16
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  • @moewe The OP doesn't seem to respond? Maybe we should use the links that you provide as duplicates. – Dr. Manuel Kuehner Mar 26 at 5:41

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