I use Pandoc and Latex for my adacemic writing with Typora as my markdown editor. If I need to strikethrough text Typora uses ~~ double tildes. But Latex didn't recognize it as text which should be hided in PDF outputs. If i use \iffalse text \fi in Typora everything works.

Is there a possibility to use renewcommand or newcommand so that Latex recognizes the tildes?

As a newbie I'm not able to it in the corresponding latex file.

Thanks Andreas

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    hm. calling pandoc panic is a nice error ;-) – Ulrike Fischer Mar 22 '19 at 11:50

You can use the normal tildes in Markdown for strikethrough, and Pandoc will translate it into the LaTeX \sout command. For example:

strikeout test

pandoc -o test.pdf << EOT


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    Thanks for the "\sout" hint. That leads me to the solution. If I strike through text in my markdown editor and want the text not compiled within the PDF, my tex file needs this: "\renewcommand{\sout}[1]{\unskip}" – The OMH Mar 22 '19 at 16:11

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