I have a table that I want to rotate. I checked on Stack Exchange and using a package rotating

  \caption{Routing Function Table for HopliteRT. PE injection has lowest priority and will stall on conflict. PE$\rightarrow$E + W$\rightarrow$S is not supported to avoid an extra select signal driving the multiplexers and doubling LUT cost by preventing fracturing a 6-LUT into 2$\times$5-LUTs.}
    \multicolumn{2}{l}{{\bf Mux select}} & {\bf Routes} & {\bf Explanation} \\ 
    {\bf sel1} & {\bf sel0} &  & \\
    0 & 0 & W$\rightarrow$E + N$\rightarrow$S  & Non-interfering \\
    0 & 1 & W$\rightarrow$S + N$\rightarrow$E  & Conflict over S (Not supported in Hoplite)\\
    1 & 0 & PE$\rightarrow$E + N$\rightarrow$S & No W packet \\
    1 & 1 & PE$\rightarrow$S + W$\rightarrow$E & No N packet (Not possible in Hoplite) \\

But I am getting an error message LaTex Error: Not in outer par mode

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    A table environment can't be used inside of sidewaystable. So remove the table environment. – leandriis Mar 22 at 18:54

From the rotating documentation:

The environments sidewaystableandsidewaysfigureintroduce landscape-form floating tables and figures, respectively.

As such sidewaystable is intended to replace the table environment if you want to get a rotated floating table and nesting these floating environments will result in the described error. If you remove the table environment from your code, it will work as expected.

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