I need to create this tikzpicture enter image description here It was taken from A Homomorphic Encryption Illustrated Primer. All I have managed to create so far was this


using this code


    % Create equidistant points and arc
    \foreach \x [count=\p] in {0,...,11} {
        \node[shape=circle,fill=black, scale=0.5] (\p) at (-\x*30:2) {};

    % Create labes with numbers starting from 0
    \foreach \x [count=\p] in {0,...,11} {
        \draw (-\x*30:2.4) node {\x};

    % Draw the arrow
    \draw[->,>=stealth',thick, blue!60!black] (212:2) arc[radius=2, start angle = 212, end angle = 90];
    \node at (0,0){TEXT};

I've searched in the direction of creating a torus but I'm still nowhere close to my Need.


This does something of that sort. If you add more explanation, it might be possible to improve it.

 \foreach \X in {0,...,15}
   \begin{scope}[canvas is yz plane at x=0] %,transform shape
    mark=between positions 0 and 1 step 0.05 with {%
    info/sequence number}}
      \fill[green] (0,0) coordinate(p\X-\itest) circle[radius=2pt];
      \fill[gray] (0,0) coordinate(p\X-\itest) circle[radius=2pt];
    \fi}}},rotate=18] (\R,0) node{$x^{\X}$} circle[radius=\r];
  \fill[red] (p14-2) circle[radius=2pt];
  \draw[red,thick,-latex] plot[smooth,variable=\x,samples at={14,15,0,1,2}] (p\x-2); 
  \fill[red] (p2-2) circle[radius=2pt];
  \draw[red,thick,-latex] plot[smooth,variable=\x,samples at={2,1,20,19}] (p2-\x); 

enter image description here

EDIT: Made the green circle in the foreground visible, as suggested by KJO.

  • But :-) it does not have the same errors as the original :-) and there is one green dot missing :-( – user170109 Mar 23 at 15:22
  • @KJO Well, I can't do much about the errors but the green dot is not missing but hidden behind a gray one. – marmot Mar 23 at 15:31
  • third dot up at the bottom should be visibly green in foreground hiding the grey one – user170109 Mar 23 at 15:43
  • 1
    @marmot thank you very much it is very close to what I need. I'll be playing with your example to get what I need. – TalG Mar 23 at 16:46
  • @marmot is there a way to change the number of points in the smaller circles? – TalG Mar 23 at 22:41

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