I have defined this environment:

\newenvironment{proofln}{\par \textbf{Proof}\list{}{\leftmargin=10pt\rightmargin=0pt\topsep=0pt}\item\relax}{\endlist\textbf{Q.E.D}}

Now I use it like this:

    &am + bn + (K-K) = d&\\
    &= am + K + bn - K&\\
    &= am + Kab + bn - Kab&\\
    &= a(m + Kb) + b(n - Ka)&

And the flaign is still inserting spaces above for some reason.
The bottom proofln is also doing weird - the spacing between content and "Proof" and content and "Q.E.D" is not equal.

enter image description here

How can I fix these issues?

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