I am trying to make a glossary list and there is something weird going on: the spacing between entrances is uneven for no obvious reason. The minimal example of the code is below:




    \setglossarystyle{long}% based on the list style
    \glsresetentrycounter} %


\newacronym{ASR}{ASR}{angular spectrum decomposition    (representation)}
\newacronym{TAM}{TAM}{total angular momentum (TAM) vector}
\newacronym{OAM}{OAM}{orbital angular momentum}
\newacronym{SAM}{SAM}{spin angular momentum}
\newacronym{QM}{QM}{quantum qechanics}
\newacronym{QFT}{QFT}{quantum field theory}
\newacronym{QED}{QED}{quantum electrodynamics}


Hello here



Output: enter image description here

Thanks in advance!

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