I am writing a document and I need to have a table of notations. I wanted to reduce its size while keeping a good space between the different groups. I understood that:

  1. I can use \setlength{\nomitemsep}{-0.1\parsep} to reduce the space between lines
  2. I can use \renewcommand{\nompreamble}{\small} to reduce the font size

But I fail to keep a decent space between the groups titles and the previous lines. For example here the space between "Group B" and "Line number 3".

How can I increase this space while keeping the space between each line small?

enter image description here


\renewcommand{\nomname}{List of Symbols}

  \ifstrequal{#1}{A}{Group A}{%
  \ifstrequal{#1}{B}{Group B}{{}}}%

\nomenclature[A,1]{a1}{Line number 1}
\nomenclature[A,2]{a2}{Line number 2}
\nomenclature[A,3]{a3}{Line number 3}

\nomenclature[B,1]{b1}{Line number 1}
\nomenclature[B,2]{b2}{Line number 2}
\nomenclature[B,3]{b3}{Line number 3}


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