i need write this map with this align.

map align i've tried this but is wrong

\psi\colon A&\longrightarrow& B(D) \\
T&\longmapsto&\hat{T} \\
&&  \hat{T}\colon D     &\longrightarrow        \mathbb{C}   \\ 
S          &&&\longmapsto      \hat{T}(S)



Use alignat to set another alignment point and then a nested aligned.



\psi\colon A&\rightarrow {}&& B(D) \\
           T&\mapsto     {}&& \hat{T} \\
  \hat{T}\colon D &\rightarrow \mathbb{C}   \\
                S &\mapsto     \hat{T}(S)


enter image description here

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    excellent, thanks so much – user89940 Mar 24 at 23:12

A solution is an alignedat environment nested in align:

\usepackage{mathtools, amssymb}


\psi\colon A&\longrightarrow B(D) \\
T&\longmapsto \begin{alignedat}[t]{2} & \hat{T} \\
& \hat{T} & \colon D& \longrightarrow \mathbb{C} \\
 & & S& \longmapsto \hat{T}(S)


enter image description here

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