I am typesetting a lab report with indirectly-measured values of a diffraction grating's grating spacing; these values are on the orders of micrometres, which are more easily expressed in scientific notation; otherwise, I'd have too many leading zeroes.

However, when I type something like \SI{1.80812E-6(0.0044)}{\m}, I receive a compilation error:

Package siunitx Error: Invalid exponent in numerical input(siunitx) '1.80812E-6(0.0044)'. ...as found to be \SI{1.80812E-6(0.0044)}{\m}.

Apparently pdflatex thinks the uncertainty is for the exponent, as detailed in the log file:

The exponent part of a number cannot contain an uncertainty or complex part: the input given appears to contain one of these in the exponent.

How may I remedy this?


Something like this?




enter image description here

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