I have a command that has been floating around in my standard preamble for a while:


It is meant to mimic the AMS-LaTeX extendible arrow symbols \xleftarrow and \xrightarrow.

It's not perfect for two reasons:

  1. It does not take the optional lower argument like the AMS \xrightarrow[down]{up}
  2. The overlap of the constituent equals signs is slightly visible.

Does anyone have a better command or know of a package with such a command?

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I think you can more or less copy the definitions from amsmath.sty:



\newcommand*{\xeq}[2][]{\ext@arrow 0055\Relbarfill@{#1}{#2}}


$a \xeq[uuuuu]{vvv} b$


The extarrows package provides \xlongequal[below]{above}.

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