I asked this question How to do recursive program with latex and got the following excellent answer by @JosephWright


% Set the first practice date

%... the number of days between lectures

\addholiday{3}{3}{2019}  % ter Carnaval
\addholiday{18}{4}{2019} % qui Atividade complementar
\addholiday{19}{4}{2019} % sex Santa
\addholiday{21}{4}{2019} % dom Tiradentes/Páscoa
\addholiday{1}{5}{2019}  % qua Trabalhador
\addholiday{19}{6}{2019} % qua Aniv. Rib. Preto

  \count0=1 %
      \@nameuse{holiday\number\count0 }%
      \ifnum 0%
        =111 %
    \advance\count0 by 1 %
      \section*{\groupA\space$\parallel$ \today}%


  Practice one

  Practice two

  Practice three

  Practice four

  Practice five

  Practice six

  Practice seven

  Practice eight

  Practice nine

  Practice ten


However, a few months latter, I realized that this code affects page numbering. But I cannot figure out how it is affected nor how to fix it.

The only thing I realized is that the page number becomes the exact number of holidays created by \addholiday command.

My question is: how to restore page numbering without leaving the presented code away?

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    \count0 refers to the page number. – egreg Mar 25 at 13:26
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    @JosephWright should stick to expl3 then he wouldn't using \count0 as loop variable ;-) (he probably wanted to use \count@) – Ulrike Fischer Mar 25 at 13:27

You're using \count0 in the wild, which contains the page number.

Change all occurrences of \count0 into \@tempcnta

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