Everything worked fine with my Latex document until I decided to change one figure, which was made through Matlab. So I made the change using MATLAB and saved the figure in eps format using the command:

print -depsc my_image.eps

However, after I copied the eps file to the location of the Latex document figures with the same name I call it from the latex document and compiled the Latex docuemt, the image was not shown in the final pdf document. The rest of the images are still showing up.

I cannot figure out what the problem is. I use the compilation profile: Latex->PDF->nomencl, and the inclusion of the image is made using the commands:

    \caption{bla bla bla}

Please help me!!

  • Do you get any errors or warnings? Anything in the log file? Can you open the file in a viewer (like gsview)? Does it work if you make a very simple image in matlab? – Marijn Mar 25 at 15:54

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