I am using ntheorem and cleveref, and I want to reference enumerate environments inside theorems, like the following:


\usepackage{ntheorem, cleveref, enumitem}

% Define theorem environments

% Define new list environments for use in theorems
\setlist[enumthm]{label=\upshape(\arabic*), ref=\upshape\thetheorem(\arabic*)}

\setlist[enumprop]{label=\upshape(\arabic*), ref=\upshape\theproposition(\arabic*)}


        \item First claim. This one is important. \label{important_claim}
        \item Second claim

The result follows from the important \cref{important_claim}.


However, what if I decide that this proposition should actually be a theorem? Then I would have to change both the proposition and enumprop environments to get the proper references.

Is there any way to create a list environment such that both the reference name ("theorem" or "proposition") as well as the counter are automatically determined by the environment in which the list is placed?

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